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Do you know someone that is doing incredible work in the community? Do they lend their time to help support others, add value to important and under funded causes? Do they silently uplift others without recognition?

We WANT to HEAR about it!

The L4 Project will be awarding individuals and organizations with financial grants to help further their mission, pay medical bills, relieve student loans and improve their current living/financial situation. In short, we want to highlight these groups or individuals and show our appreciation for the value they bring towards enhancing their community. 

Nominees will be featured on this website along with their story and the L4 community (yes, that's YOU!) will vote on their favorite nominee. The winner will receive a cash award along with featured piece of apparel with their co-design on it sold exclusively on The L4 Project site. A large portion of the sales of their apparel will go directly to that individual, a charity of their choice or to support future L4 Project initiatives. 

To nominate a deserving recipient, please fill out the form above. Also, please attach and send any additional information you would like to be considered to:

Michael Allio at michael@maworkwear.com

Information could include:

1.) Why they are deserving of the nomination and why they should be selected (i.e. include their mission-based work, back story, personal attributes and impact on the community)

2.) Any media content (i.e. pictures, videos, links) that will help us verify the nominees involvement and showcase their work if selected 

3.) Testimonials of their character by community members, family or friends

4.) Get creative and make it fun!

Thank you for taking the time to recognize a hero and please, never forget to try to always "Live. Life.Like. Laura."

- The L4 Project

- The L4 Project