Make your own collection

Are you a non-profit with documented 501(c)3 status looking to collaborate with us on your own apparel collection?

Let us know... we'd love to hear your story, learn about the great work you do and get it on some gear to raise money for your group!

What are the perks?

  • Zero cost to you...that's right ZERO...notta dime my friend!
  • We've been known to have a rather loud mouth too... which for a very good thing because we make sure people know about ya and the amazing work you do!
  • We handle all the stuff that you don't want too... no strings attached
    • Product design and photography
    • Post about ya on social media
    • Handle ALL fulfillment and customer service
    • We bring your cause to the forefront by creating beautiful curated collections that tell your tale and help raise money for your future
  • You receive 100% of the profits! Yup... so cool, right?

We WANT to HEAR about it!

The L4 Project works alongside charitable organizations with 501(c)3 status to bring their story to life through the sale of online merchandise. Our team of artists and designers work alongside your team to gain inspiration so that your collection's designs tell the world about who you are and the amazing work you do!

How to get started...

  • Send a description of your organization along with it's 501(c)3 documentation to
  • Your request will be reviewed by our team of passionate "do-gooders" and we will notify you if you've been selected
  • If selected, we will contact you and begin working to bring it all to life!

What if we don't get selected?

Don't be're still great! The L4 Project selects only a few charities each year to develop their own collection

Thank you for taking the time to recognize a hero and please, never forget to "Live. Life. Like. Laura."

- The L4 Project