The L4 Mission

The L4 Project Vision: To ensure that individuals and families battling cancer are surrounded by a support network that allows them to focus on treatment, recovery, and living joyous lives.

The L4 Project Mission: To enrich the lives of people and families battling cancer by supporting organizations that provide financial, experiential, emotional and other assistance during times of hardship.

Who We Are

The L4 Project is a caused-based LLC, staffed by a network of volunteers who believe that support shouldn’t be a luxury following a cancer diagnosis. It should be an expectation. Through advocacy, awareness, and a strong network of resources and support, individuals and families battling cancer can focus on treatment and recovery more successfully. The L4 Project aims to enhance existing programs or support new ones that help individuals and families navigate the physical, emotional, institutional and financial complexities that come with a cancer diagnosis so their focus can remain on recovery and living long, happy lives.

What We Do

The L4 Project raises awareness about and works to address the social, emotional, institutional and financial challenges that accompany a battle with cancer and the corresponding implications on individuals and families. The L4 Project reminds people to be advocates for their own health and encourages strong networks of support to surround those fighting cancer so they can focus on their health and recovery.

Through the sales of L4 merchandise and other fundraising activity, L4 donates 100% of its profits to nonprofit organizations that address these needs and enrich the lives of individuals and families fighting cancer.

Why We Do It

In 2019, the founder of the L4 Project lost his 33-year-old wife and mother of their son to breast cancer. Laura Allio fought for two years with her family and friends by her side, determined to give purpose to her pain. While fighting breast cancer, Laura remained steadfast in her cause to raise awareness about the importance of being an advocate for one’s health and the served as a constant reminder that one’s outlook and attitude on life plays a key role in the quality of life they lead.

The courage, determination and selflessness that Laura demonstrated throughout her life and during her cancer journey inspired thousands to look inward, gain perspective and make the drastic changes necessary to live a "Life worth Living."

While Laura’s sense of fight came from within, her journey was enriched because she was surrounded by people, support and resources that helped her to navigate the complexities of a cancer diagnosis and the implications it can have on everyday life. From understanding the chaotic first weeks and months filled with appointments and specialists to having support during treatment, Laura felt the support around her which allowed her to focus on her health and her family. During her journey, Laura often acknowledged that her support was a privilege – a luxury, even – and it shouldn’t be that way. Battling cancer is hard enough – people shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Following Laura’s battle with cancer, the L4 Project was formed as a way to give back and ensure that all who battle cancer have access to a network of resources that allow them to focus on what matters most…recovery.

How We Do It

The L4 Project supports existing organizations (501c3), projects and initiatives to raise funding to support their commitment to advancing, supporting and enriching the lives of those fighting cancer through the sale of our "cause-inspired" apparel. The L4 Project also supports new projects and initiatives that align with the mission, when applicable.

Organizations, initiatives and projects receiving support will focus on cancer patients and their families, providing any or all of the following resources:

  • Direct financial support
  • Transportation
  • Health care system navigation
  • Counseling
  • Lifestyle experiences
  • And more...

How it Works

When you donate to the L4 Project either directly and/or through the purchase of L4 apparel, 100% of the profits will go to support an organization that aligns with the L4 Project mission to enrich the lives of individuals and families battling cancer.

Each year, organizations can apply and/or be nominated for the award. All applications and nominations will be reviewed by the Board and one organization will be selected annually to receive a donation to advance the work they are doing to support those fighting cancer. The selected organization will be featured on our site and other associated social media channels to help promote their vital mission. In addition, 100% of the profits from the sale of their collection will go to that cause directly for 12 months. After that, we will select another 501c3 organization to highlight. 

While purchasing L4 apparel is not tax deductible, a direct donation to The L4 Fund is. The L4 Fund is a certified donor-advised fund actively managed by The Akron Community Foundation (501c3). To make a direct donation, click the "donate" link on our home page or click here. All direct donations are "tax deductible" and you will receive an email thanking you for your donation and additional documentation for tax reporting purposes. 

Other Details

The L4 Project is an LLC. All profits* from the sale of merchandise and other fundraising activity will be transferred from The L4 Project to The Akron Community Foundation’s L4 Fund, a 501c3. All funds awarded to selected organizations will be distributed through the The L4 Fund c/o The Akron Community Foundation.

*The L4 Project staff does not take a salary. Revenue from the sale of merchandise and fundraising activity will be used to cover incremental costs for The L4 Project efforts, including website development, web hosting, cost of goods sold, fulfillment, marketing and promotional activity and other core operating expenses.