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Our Mission

A word from L4 founder...

The L4 Project was founded on February 23, 2019... exactly one month after my wife, Laura, passed away from breast cancer at the age of 33 years old. The courage, determination and selflessness that Laura demonstrated throughout her life and during her cancer journey inspired thousands to look inward, gain perspective and make the drastic changes necessary to live a "Life worth Living." 


Laura was passionate about so many causes and organizations it's difficult to list them all. On top of that, Laura dedicated her time and wit to helping those causes raise money and promote their mission to increase social awareness and ensure that they have the financial resources necessary to carry out their important work. The L4 Project looks to carry on Laura's spirit by creating an outlet and platform for charities to showcase their mission through the sale of their own online merchandise. In addition, The L4 Project provides everyone with an opportunity to get involved and support their community through the purchase of any "cause-inspired" collection sold online. 


We are young. We are inspired. Most importantly, we have a calling and sense of responsibility to try to leave this world better than when we found it. We hope you join us. We hope you shop around and get inspired in the process. We hope our attempt motivates you to get involved in your own way. Finally, we hope to demonstrate the powerful impact one person can make on so many lives... by Living Life Like Laura. 


“It is wrong to expect a reward for your struggles. The reward is the act of struggle itself, not what you win. Even though you can't expect to defeat the absurdity of the world, you must make that attempt. That's morality, that's religion. That's art. That's life." - Phil Ochs